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Powerful products for your business


An easy to use content management system. With wysiwyg editing, multiple editors enabled, seo optimized, social media sharing enabled, launch multilingual websites, beautiful image galleries, real estate management and much more...


e-campaign automation tools

DS channel manager & player

Deliver your message to a network of digital screens.


Interactive kiosk software. With the ExpoBuddy product visitors from your fair can quickly find the right exhibitors on an interactive fair map.

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Great web services

  • Graphic (re)design of your website
  • Information architecture & search engine optimalisation
  • Content Management services
  • E-mail design
  • Web marketing consulting
  • Implementing social media across your business
  • Personal training: web sites design / web site development / web app development

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Outstanding knowledge

Doran is a Belgian web development and consulting company with lots of expertise in building usable websites and powerful web applications. Doran was founded in 2002 by Karim Dahdah who has more than 10 years experience in developing websites. He is surrounded with partners who have a deep know-how in e-marketing, graphic design and server management.

We have created solutions for SMB's, Belgian and European government and startups as well as companies listed on Euronext.

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Why Doran?

  1. We are passionate about the things we do for you
  2. We listen very carefully and help you make the best and realistic choices
  3. We don't talk buzz words, we explain them to you

How we do it

These are the steps we use while developing your solution:

  1. Analysing your idea or concept: what do you want to get? why and when? what does your company already have?
  2. Giving you advice: what do you need most? what can be done on a later fase? how can you implement the solution in your company?
  3. Defining the functional parts from your website or web application
  4. Developing a mockup: how do all parts from your website or web application work together?
  5. Analysis of the mockup: does the user understand how to use all functionality?
  6. Creating the online look & feel
  7. Programming the backend: data analysis and database modeling. connecting the pieces together.
  8. Testing: all succesfull projects have undergone extensive testing.
  9. Training: if we have developed a web application with backoffice functionality, we give your team an in-depth training on the software.

Who we have worked for

This list contains some of our realised project, listed in no particular order.

  • Logo De Morgen
  • Logo Creatief Schrijven
  • Logo
  • Logo Executive Computer Training
  • Logo Raad van State van BelgiĆ«
  • Logo cvo Kisp
  • Logo Toerisme Leiestreek
  • Logo Vlaams Centrum voor Amateurkunsten
  • Arvato Services - Bertelsmann
  • Logo Association of the Councils of State Of European Communities
  • Logo de Belgische Kamer van volksvertegenwoordigers
  • Logo Inapa
  • Logo De Karmeliet
  • Logo Syntra West
  • Klein Barnum
  • European Jewellers Directory
  • Logo SH&Partners
  • Flanders Expo
  • Ecodis
  • Sportline
  • Biosleepworld

View screenshots of some of our work on Flickr.

Gilo's Wine House

Gilo's Wine House is the wine shop of Gilo De Cooman.
Services: web site development - website design - content management - consultancy - social media implementation


Bailleul is a communication bureau from Ghent, Belgium.
Services: web site development - graphic design implementation - content management - consultancy

Westend Ladies Tennis Cup

The Westend Ladies Tennis Cup is a $ 25,000 ITF (International Tennis Federation) tournament.
Services: web site development - social media implementation - content management - logo, poster and flyer design - global house style design - consultancy

Immo Padiva

Immo Padiva is a new real estate company in Middelkerke, Belgium.
Services: web site development (based on a graphic design delivered by the client) - content management implementation - social media implementation - internet marketing consultancy

Electro De Moor

Electro De Moor is an established brand at the Belgian coast.
Services: web site development - content management implementation - internet marketing consultancy

HorecaExpo 2009

HorecaExpo is the largest Belgian business fair for the hotel, restaurant, snackbar and bar industries.
Services: interactive kiosk implementation

Dec.Nat - National Decisions (Association of the European Counsels of State)

The European Jewellers Directory, a database with over 60.000 addresses of jewellery and watch retailers, provides the visitor with the ability to identify and reach retailers across Europe's biggest and most valuable jewellery markets, including Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.
Services: web application development - import system from internal database

European Jewellers Directory

This database contains some 20,000 references to national decisions concerning European Community law from 1959 up to the present day.
Services: webdesign - content management system - custom programming - e-mail design

Belgian Counsel of State: refLex

refLex is a collection of 7 databases about legislation that are linked together. With the refLex search engine the Belgian and Benelux legislation is accessible to everyone.
Services: consultancy web development - graphic application design - search engine optimalisation - search engine development

De Morgen

In 2003, we created the first website version for the Belgian newspaper De Morgen
Services: webdesign - content archictecture - consultancy

Digitale Regio Kortrijk Leievallei summer boat trips

15 tourist offices maintained a custom made reservation platform for summer boat trips on the Leie.
Partnership: Vision Media
Services: database development - web application development - RSS publishing (syndicating data) - iCalendar syndication

Belgian Counsel of State

Services: webdesign - content management system - custom programming - web video Partnership: MultiMediaMakers

Online reservation platform for independent hoteliers
Services: database development - web application development - RSS publishing (syndicating data) - system architecture - consultancy - webdesign

Baldini Fashion Shoes e-mailings

Partnership: SiteLabo
Services: e-mail database development - e-mail design - e-mailing

TC Middelkerke

TC Middelkerke is a tennis club at the Belgian Coast. It's best known for it's manager, Danny Vandenbroecke.
Services: web site development - social media implementation - logo redesign - house style consultancy - internet marketing consultancy


Website design
Partnership: ThisConnect
Services: webdesign - javascripting

Javascript training for TestNet

Partnership: Executive Computer Training
Services: graphic design - content management system


Website XHTML/CSS redesign from Flash based design
Partnership: ThisConnect
Services: website redesign - javascripting


Crossroads bank for Belgian legislation
Services: webdesign - content architecture - logo design

De Karmeliet Wine cellar manager

"De Karmeliet" is one of Belgium's top restaurants, rewarded with 3 Michelin stars.
Services: database development - web application development - consultancy

Events database for "de Week van de Amateurkunsten (WAK) 2005"

Services: database development - website development - search engine development - backoffice development - data export to QuarkXPress

Tour of Europe (Association of the European Counsels of State)

This website provides detailed information on the operation of the various European administrative jurisdictions.
Services: database development - webdesign - import system from internal database

Hotel Baudouin

A hotel in the village of Oostende at the Belgian Coast.
Services: graphic design - content management system

Portal website Creatief Schrijven

We created the portal website "Creatief Schrijven" for the "Vlaams Centrum voor Amateurkunsten".
Services: graphic design - information architecture - content management system

Hotel Auberge St.-Pol (Scapa Sports Hotel)

A hotel in the village of Knokke-Heist at the Belgian coast.
Services: graphic design - implementation of the reservation platform

Klein Barnum

Services: graphic webdesign - search engine optimalisation

iFest & HorecaExpo 2002

iFest & HorecaExpo were fairs held by "Flanders Expo" (Gent, Belgium).
Services: interactive kiosk (ExpoBuddy)
Partnership: CoastWeb

Inapa Belgium/Luxembourg

Services: webdesign - information architecture

SH&Partners SH&rky

SH&rky was web software that was used to manage a collection of FileMaker databases on servers. Services: graphic application design

Buropapier client access

Clients could access their personal price list and could order those products online.
Services: Lasso development - MySQL database development - webdesign
Partnership: Prego

Technologies, concepts and software we use in our projects

  • XHTML: the mother of all web languages. without XHTML there were no web pages. it's the language used for describing the content of your web page.
  • CSS: the language used to apply a design on your XHTML.
  • ECMAScript (Javascript): the standard way of creating interactivity (scripts) on web pages
  • DOM Scripting: interactive combination of ECMAScript with the XHTML content
  • Ajax: update parts of your webpage without reloading the whole page (that means a more responsive web page, more interactivity, and thus more happy users)
  • XML: the language used for publishing your data to other sources, or using other's data into your website or web application
  • JSON: a more faster aproach on data publishing
  • Google Analytics: measure if your website is doing well
  • REST API's: connecting to and from other websites and client software
  • PHP, ASP, Lasso: connecting your website or web application with databases, e-mail, files and much more
  • MySQL: saving all your valuable information
  • RSS (really simple syndication)em>: syndicating your articles to other websites. you can even incorporate thousands of sources into your website.
  • Google Maps: place geographic locations on an easy to use map.
  • Microformats: using cleaver XHTML design, your content can be made available to client programs and search engines
  • Social bookmarking
  • Blogs: share what you do, your ideas, products and services
  • Twitter: microblogging
  • Web2.0 concepts
  • YouTube, Vimeo: online video sharing
  • Flickr, Picasa: online photo sharing
  • vCard: sharing your address card
  • iCalendar: easily importing events and calendar data into your calendar application
  • jQuery, Mootools: javascript libraries with lots of built-in functionality

How to contact us

Pontonstraat 16/2
8400 Oostende

Twitter: DoranTwits

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Pontonstraat 16/2
Oostende, West-Vlaanderen, 8400 Belgium

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